mandag den 2. april 2012

Tumblr-yum + link me your tumblrs and blogs!

Just wanted to check in! Here is some black and white deliciousness from tumblr. It would be great if you'd link me to your tumblr or/and blog, I'm kind of stock in the good old, haha. So please, if you have a blog (any kind) link me!

søndag den 25. marts 2012

going GOYA again!

Here's what I got from Stine Goya's new collection, SS12. Love it all, and can't wait to use it this summer. What do you think of it?

XX FF/ Vera

onsdag den 21. marts 2012


I'm going to make a clutch like this tomorrow, if all goes well and it gets a good result i'll show it when it's finished.

Wish me luck.

xx FF

tirsdag den 13. marts 2012



 A couple of random drawings I've done lately. Thinking about printing the last one and the human-heart on a T-shirt? What do you think? 
Please link if you've got any drawings on your blog! Love seeing other peoples sketches and so.
xx. FF/Johanne

torsdag den 8. marts 2012


Yet again it is time for a give-away! This time it's about a brand new, beautiful, red dress, from Zara, worth 300 DKK (about 55 dollars). It will look great with slightly tanned, summer-legs or stockings until the sun appears. The give-away is open to all. Here's what you have to do:
1. Follow us via. Google friend connect.
2. Write a comment below, including your name and e-mail address.
3. For two extra chances to win, post the give-away on your blog, and link us the post in your comment. (This is optional, of course)
We'll draw the winner, three weeks from now.

Good luck!
xx. FF

This is the front:

This from the back:

(sorry about the quality of the photos, we used an Iphone)

onsdag den 7. marts 2012


Last monday I went to the beautiful DANSK exhibition, at the Danish Design Center. It shows danish fashion's development through the last 10 years. It's not a very large exhibition, but it's full of beautiful, danish clothes. I can definitely recommend it, if you're near Copenhagen. I didn't take a lot of photos, because all I had was my Iphone( so I'm sorry about the quality), but here are some anyways. 
What have you been up to lately?
xx. FF/Johanne.

Anne Sofie Madsen dress.

Stine Goya dress

Among the clothes, you could find this beautiful Stine Goya-creation, that Vera wore at a party. Funny, right?

Stine Goya jumpsuit.

Sneak Peak

Bought my confirmation dress yesterday, here's a little sneak peak. i'll show the rest soon.


søndag den 4. marts 2012

New in - Yvonne Koné

Last Thursday we went to Yvonne Koné sample sale, here's my boughts:
 Black leather belt - 33,-
Black leather and suede bracelet - 33,-



lørdag den 3. marts 2012


I know that it is a little late for this but i thought that i would tell you about my trip. I went there with my mom and we stayed at a little hippie-houseboad in one of the canals. It wasn't very big but i loved staying there. I realy like Amsterdam. It's not that big and you feel home realy fast. The small coffee shops on the streets, that smell like hash gives the city it's one smell.
Here is some pictures of the houseboad:

 It was so nice. And this is just some pictures from the street:


fredag den 2. marts 2012

Turning two + GIVEAWAY

In occasion of our second birthday(!), we just want you to thank you for following! And to reward you (and upcoming) followers, we'll publish another giveaway, on sunday. And trust us, it'll be good! So anyways, thanks for following, it means a lot! There's going to be a couple of changes on the blog, so we're sorry if we'll mess a bit.
We also think this is an appropriate time to ask you, what you want to see more of, here? Every suggestion is appreciated.
xx. Fourteen's fashion.

    Our kind of birthday-cake. This was what we ate the day this blog 'were born'. Oh, how time flies, haha.

mandag den 27. februar 2012

And the winner is...

The winner of our giveaway is Emilie! Congratulations, send us an e-mail, and we'll give you further information. Sorry we were a bit late!

lørdag den 25. februar 2012


And then it came. We had been waiting for this sooooo long!! And we can tell you that it was amazing!! She is so great live! She really knows how to feel the songs and the rhythm. I tried to tape it on my phone but it was a little difficult.

 xx FF

fredag den 10. februar 2012


Just got our winter-break, from school. And my, oh my, does it feel nice! There's nothing like the feeling when you just got your break, and you just feel liberated for more than just saturday and sunday. Looking forward to lots of things, among others a party we're going to, tomorrow, and, of course, the long-time awaited Little Dragon concert on tuesday. Gosh, it'll be so great!
What's your plans at the moment? Or do you have anything else on your mind?
And remember to join our giveaway right here. It expires in two days! 

How I just can't wait to experience this live.

tirsdag den 7. februar 2012

Henrik Vibskov AW12

I (Vera) went to see Henrik Vibskov's fashion show and i must say that it wasn't as good as it used to be..... It was better!! The catwalk was white and the model's walked at this strange long thing that moved when they walked. It is realy had to explain sp here i a little video where you might get an ider of what i am trying to explain:

Here is some of my favorits:

xx FF

mandag den 6. februar 2012

Copenhagen Fashion week is over

Now fashion week in Copenhagen is over and i thought that i would tell you what i've done in the week. All four of os went to Gallery in Forum and it was pretty amazing! As always there was ALOT of people. Had some favorites of course. Mine (vera) was Stine Goya and Henrik Vibskov. Here is some pictures from Gallery.