lørdag den 20. november 2010

What my eyes spotted.

(and i just figured that black/white photos is really the thing, right?)

tirsdag den 16. november 2010


I don't care what the facts is, in my head christmas is right around the corner. I've just found this ring, that Rumi Neely from fashiontoast (link) has designed, for the jewelry brand, Dannijo. It's nothing but beautiful, and i really hope, that there will be a little box with my name on it, containing this little babe, under the tree. 
What do you want for christmas?

xx J.

fredag den 12. november 2010

New in!

So just thought that we might haven't been very good at showing you our buys and stuff. Thougt we should change that. So for a start, here is a pair of shoes i bought today in Samsøe Samsøe, in CPH. I guess i liked them, 'cause there both simple and a little rock 'n' roll.

Enjoy that it's finally friday!


    I edited the background but not the shoes.

torsdag den 11. november 2010


Just found this polyvore. I've made it before the summerholiday..
Omg, i miss the summer! :'(


City never sleeps. Ever.

Just realized how gorgeus Copenhagen is in the darkness. Just as London, Berlin, New York, Paris... I love it.


mandag den 8. november 2010

So this is really weird, but I actually need help finding winter boots/shoes, this season. I've might found the right ones, but I'm not quite sure yet. Any ideas? This is a problem really hitting me, now that it's cold as hell outside, and my feet aren't very satisfied with my converse! So please help me guys!

Enjoy the rest of the monday!


I know these Diors are for men, but i quite like 'em anyway.

fredag den 5. november 2010

I like this gal.

Oh how I just love Gossip Girl! I love Blake Lively as well, but I do think that the co-leadingrole in the show, Leighton Meester, gets way too little attention. And that's just too bad.
What would you think? In a Blake vs. Leighton?

mandag den 1. november 2010

Audrey Hepburn bag!

Please help me...!
I want theese bag, but i can't choose.
What do you think?