mandag den 8. november 2010

So this is really weird, but I actually need help finding winter boots/shoes, this season. I've might found the right ones, but I'm not quite sure yet. Any ideas? This is a problem really hitting me, now that it's cold as hell outside, and my feet aren't very satisfied with my converse! So please help me guys!

Enjoy the rest of the monday!


I know these Diors are for men, but i quite like 'em anyway.

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Anonym sagde ...

witch one of you is writing? that would be nice to know before i choose for you:P But i like the Dior's

Fourteen's fashion sagde ...

I'm Johanne, and I was the one writing. I'll try to remember writing it. Any ideas?


Anonym sagde ...

Oh:) okay, this year i like the rock style, so you should choose some Old Black boots just like thé diors