onsdag den 26. oktober 2011

Out of Africa

Just returned form an amazing trip to Uganda. Here are some pictures from the safari i went          on. 
    xx. Jose

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Hannah Kjaer sagde ...

Ej hvor ser det lækkert ud! Det lyder da ikke tosset med en tur til Uganda.

Måske du har lyst til at kigge forbi min blog`?


Matilde Nygård sagde ...
Denne kommentar er fjernet af forfatteren.
Anna sagde ...

Hvor er jeg misundelig!
Kig gerne forbi min blog - har pt. en give away kørende.


Fourteen's fashion sagde ...

Tusind tak for de søde kommentarer, det var en fantastisk tur.
Jeg kigger med det samme!

Matilde Nygård sagde ...
Denne kommentar er fjernet af forfatteren.
Anonym sagde ...

wuha insprioation! awesome pcis! i hope u had a nice trip!

Laura sagde ...

sikke ne fin blog og nogle fantastiske billeder.
kig gerne forbi min blog(:

mishuella sagde ...

amazing pictures !

Anonym sagde ...

i think the blog has ben a bit (no sorry, VERY) borring lately. i miss some outfi posts of yourself...youre always doing that 'i dont have time to actually blog, but here is some inspiration pictures...' and i soooo borring! can i give you guys a tip? here it comes anyway: you are 4 girls so it cant be that hard to update at least 2 times a week! i mean COME ON! so you could make a system: johanne + ida in the weekends and josefine + vera schooldays...it would make the blog so much more ALIVE! if you dont do something soon i would say that this blog iS D-E-A-D...

Fourteen's fashion sagde ...

Thank you all for the lovely comments! You're amazing.

Anon: We are aware that we haven't been blogging a lot lately, and we will like to change that. We don't want to come up with a million excuses of why we don't, so we won't. We really appreciate the people who takes time to read our blog, even if we only blog a few times a month, but you know, there are times where we blog a lot and times where we don't. But thanks for the advice, all kinds of constructive comments are great! xx FF.

Emilie C.R.B.L sagde ...

Really nice pic!

Check out and follow: http://ecrbl.blogspot.com/

Laura sagde ...

Hi dear,
I just came across your blog through Rumi's and what a lovely surprise, you have a very nice blog going on too!
Def. worth the follow!

NerdGlasses sagde ...

Great photos!
So jealous
I'm holding a giveaway
It's a YSL ring!

the milk avenue. sagde ...

really beautiful photos!!