mandag den 20. juni 2011

Paris, here i come

I (Vera) have just been to Paris. I loved i so much and It's definitely my favorit city. I think it's better then both London and New York, and they are pretty awsome. Paris i just so nice and calm. There is small Café's all over and the mood is goos all the time. Here is some pictures from my fab trip:

 i loved this shop. So sweet!

It was a big disappointmet. I've had better créps in denmark!

I will soon show you some of the close that i bought :)

xx FF

2 kommentarer:

Christine sagde ...

paris is amazing! even though i must agree with you about their crépes - some of them are way too overloaded with whatever stuffing thats in them, and some of them taste almost burnt!

but paris is still the most beautiful/amazing city in the world ;D

devorelebeaumonstre. sagde ...

gorgeous photos! x

p.s. I'm having a $50 giveaway if you'd like to check it out. :) x