lørdag den 26. marts 2011

x factor night

Went to Parken (a danish stadium), last night, and saw the X-factor final. All though, we didn't really thought any of the finalists had 'the x-factor', we had a lot of fun. We were VIP, and it seemed like nobody was ready to party, so we sort of had our own two-person-party. Besides from the x-factor finalists, there were also a lot of other artists, as Take That, Fallulah (an amazing danish singer. Check her out here!), Carpark North, Clara Sofie and last years winner Thomas Ring (who by the way, is a teacher at our school). The winner was, as Jose wrote yesterday, a 15-year old lesbian girl, called Sarah. Here's some videos:

 Here's Sarah and Carpark North.

They asked everybody to turn on their cellphone lights, and it looked beautiful!
 Xoxo Vera and Johanne

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Magda sagde ...

Sarah is definitley the coolest girl ever seen in X factor! Although I was hoping for Anne Louise to win :-)